Integration of Digital Cage Cards with animal management systems or structured data sources such as Excel: Connectivity, Customization, Flexibility.

PicoTeam’s innovative digital cage cards solution, designed to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and animal welfare through seamless integration, unparalleled flexibility, and robust connectivity. This article explores the integration process of PicoTeam’s digital cage cards with existing animal management systems or other structured data sources, highlighting their flexibility, connectivity options, and customization capabilities.

Seamless Integration Process

PicoTeam’s digital cage cards are engineered to integrate effortlessly with existing animal management systems and other structured data sources. The process begins with collecting and organizing data from the facility’s current systems. This data includes information about animals and their housing, which is crucial for accurate and effective management.

The integration continues with the Gateway System, a pivotal component that bridges the AMS or other structured data sources with the digital cage cards themselves. This system processes the data, applying it to the chosen design template for each digital cage card. The final step in the integration process involves updating the digital cage cards via the Gateway System, ensuring that each card displays the most current information without needing a continuous power supply to retain the image.

Overcoming Connectivity Challenges

Understanding the unique challenges of animal facilities, particularly those related to connectivity, PicoTeam’s solution communicate wirelessly between the digital cage cards and the Gateway. This choice circumvents the need for WiFi. The Gateway, which can be powered through a network connection or an external adapter, connects to a message server via a secure network link. This server, an integral component of the PicoTeam solution, facilitates the flow of information without relying on external internet access, ensuring reliable and continuous operation.

Customization at Its Core

Customization stands as a cornerstone of PicoTeam’s digital cage card system. The flexibility to tailor what’s displayed on each cage card allows facilities to meet specific informational needs and regulatory requirements. Using templates designed in a markup language, a subset of HTML, the system enables the dynamic integration of data fields into predefined placeholders within the template.

PicoTeam offers a web-based editor for creating and customizing these templates, simplifying the process of designing cage cards that fit the facility’s unique needs. Facilities can maintain multiple templates, selecting the most appropriate one for each situation. This could mean different templates for animals in various stages of a study or care, such as acclimation or active research phases.

This dynamic approach ensures that facilities can manage and display essential information for each cage accurately, adapting to different scenarios or requirements as they arise. Whether it’s changing study details, animal welfare parameters, or specific observational notes, the system’s flexibility ensures that all pertinent information is prominently displayed, enhancing the management and care of the animals.

The integration of PicoTeam’s digital cage cards with structured animal data systems represents a significant step forward in the digital transformation of animal facilities. With a focus on flexibility, connectivity, and customization, PicoTeam’s solution addresses the needs of modern laboratories and animal care facilities.