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We can help your teams focus on animals, studies and results by introducing and expanding digitalization and integration in your labs

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invivo lab digitalization

Picoteam’s specialization lies in the digitalization of lab workflows. Working alongside leading life-science companies we have built solutions that makes planning, executing and reporting invivo research studies much easier- while ensuring the data are tagged and organized for later analysis and reuse. 

Our team of experts possesses a comprehensive understanding of both the finer points and the broader context of in-vivo research. With our guidance, you can streamline your research workflows and ensure that your data is properly labeled and organized, paving the way for future analysis and reuse

For digitalization to be successful  every user’s workflow have to be considered in the solutions. Working with Lab techs, animal care takers, veterinarians and scientists, we can help connect the ends and create full circle solutions. We are fully equipped to assist you in successfully digitizing and optimizing your laboratory operations

Our library of digitalization modules can help kickstart your custom solutions. By utilizing our flexible modules in conjunction with your existing software and instruments, we ensure an efficient combination of reuse and build solutions catered to your specific needs

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