digital cage cards
to replace paper cage cards

PicoTeam provides an innovative solution that includes not only Digital Cage Cards but also their seamless integration into existing systems. Moreover, it offers the Mobile App for cage cards that effectively integrates with the existing animal management systems, augmenting their functionality. This holistic approach results in a paper-free animal lab, ensuring efficient monitoring and managing essential animal information


e-Paper display

Ultra low power consumption, always display latest image


Integrate your existing animal management system

Automated updates

Cage Cards updates automatically when information is changed
Digital cage cards will show the latest information received, even if it is out of battery, as the ePaper technology only uses power when updating the display and does not use power retaining the display-image

digital cage cards

The use of ePaper technology in digital cage cards results in an ultra-low power display. Cards can be updated  through fast, robust, fault-tolerant wireless communication. The system allows for flexible design of multiple cage cards layouts populated with information read from animal management system

cage cards highlights

how does the system work

Digital cage cards use a three-step process for updating and displaying animal information:

Animal management software,  Transmission and ePaper display

Animal management software

The digital cage card system software receives information about animals and cages from your animal management system

Gateway System

The system layouts the relevant information in the chosen card design template and sends the digital cage card image to the cage card gateway

Digital cage cards

Gateway system software updates cage cards and information is displayed without requiring any power to retain image

product specifications

Smiling scientists working in laboratory with laptop and digital tablet

Cage cards specification

Gateway specification

picoteam product

We  integrate digital cage cards into your animal facilities