Augmenting digital cage card
capabilities with our mobile App

PicoTeam Mobile App can operate independently as a standalone tool or serve as a valuable extension to the Digital Cage Cards, amplifying their capabilities. By scanning a QR code or NFC by reading the built-in RFID on the Digital Cage Card with their mobile device, users gain immediate access to a wealth of information about animal cages and their inhabitants


Mobile app

Mobile App  enhances the capabilities of Digital Cage Cards, streamlining workflows with features like comprehensive journals, prescription management, and efficient communication tools, ultimately improving animal care and operational efficiency

mobile app essential functionality

Sticky Message Feature

Digitally attaches important messages to each digital cage card, streamlining communication and information sharing

Comprehensive Journal

Detailed journal for each animal includes all data points, assignments, prescriptions, clinical observations, dosing and measurements

Animal Lists and Information

Users can view a list of animals per cage, along with detailed data such as identification, current assignments, and statistics

Prescription Management

The app streamlines animal treatment management by coordinating treatment schedules and displaying upcoming tasks

Picoteam mobile App

Discover our Mobile App and unlock a world of benefits for your animal facility. With this innovative tool, you can effortlessly access and manage essential animal information on-the-go

Mobile App key benefits: