Digital platform for sharing
animals and biological materials

PicoTeam offers a solution designed to increase the visibility of laboratory animals and biological materials. By facilitating the exchange of live surplus laboratory animals, as well as both fresh and preserved animal biological materials, it ensures that these valuable resources are utilizedĀ  efficiently and ethically

Connecting those requiring animals and biological materials and those holding them

Digital sharing platform

Biosharing platform facilitates sharing of surplus animals and biological materials within laboratories of an organisation or between institutions to reduce the number of animals used in scientific experiments

The platform promotes the 3R principles “Replacement, Reduction, Refinement” to safeguard animal welfare and comply with the EU Directive 2010/63 on the use of animals for Experimental and other Scientific Purposes


Reducing the number of animals to what is needed for consistency with scientific aims


Replacing the use of live animals in procedures by other methods


Minimizing animals pain, distress, suffering or lasting harm with various techniques

how does the system works


resource access

BioSharing platform is a user-friendly web application facilitating the access to available resources with a few mouth clicks, instead of via time-consuming email and phone conversation. It provides research staff with an easy to use search function that enable them to discover the animals and other resources they need. The function includes advanced search features such as filters for species, strain, age, sex, experimental data, etc

Resource Exchange

The platform enables research staff who possess resources (such as non-naive animals and biological materials) to provide detailed information about them, including their study histories. Other research staff who need these resources can indicate their interest and specify their requirements, and communicate with the resource providers through the platform's messaging tool


The digital platform integrates with other scientific tools such as an animal management software. This integration helps to enhance the functionality of the platform, allowing for more seamless and streamlined workflows

biosharing platform highlights

reducing the number animal used

Using available on the platform animal biological materials will reduce the number of animals used in scientific purposes

increasing transparency

Digital platform enables visibility of lab resources for those who need these resources and those who possess them

saving resources

Reducing time, workload and cost saving will be achieved by using available on the digital platform animal biological material

improving workflow

Making planned animal necropsy procedures available for sharing, to allow extraction of multiple by-products for different purposes

biosharing platform