animal behavior analysis

PicoTeam’s AI-driven solution provides accurate, real-time monitoring and analysis of animal movements. It converts raw video into meaningful data by detecting and analyzing a wide range of behaviors. Ideal for research, it offers essential insights and supports informed decisions, enabling in-depth animal behavior analysis

PicoTeam’s solution not only enhances the accuracy and efficiency of behavioral studies but also elevates the ethical standards of animal research

animal behavior solution

The solution is designed to streamline and enhance research in fields such as pharmacology, neurology, and genetics. By improving data accuracy, efficiency, and ethical standards, it enables more reliable and compassionate animal studies

solution highlights

Increased Accuracy

The use of AI reduces human error and the variability that comes with manual observations. By systematically detecting and classifying behaviors, our solution ensures a higher level of precision in studies


The solution's capacity to handle vast amounts of data and adapt to different research settings enhances its flexibility. This flexibility is important for expanding research studies or incorporating new types of behavioral data

Efficiency Gains

Automation speeds up the data collection and analysis process, allowing researchers to process larger datasets in less time. This efficiency can significantly accelerate research cycles and time to insights


Automated tools provide consistent results that are crucial for comparative studies and long-term research projects. Consistency across data sets is vital for accurate conclusions and replicability of studies

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