Digital Traceability solution for
Animal By-products and Derived Products

PicoTeam’s traceability system ensures immediate access to data on biological material movements, making commercial documents and records available on various devices, including PCs, iPads, and iPhones. This facilitates quick responses to health risks, emphasizing the need for rapid action

We enable operators to keep accurate and complete records in a digital format to comply with EU Regulations 1069/2009 and 142/2011

Digital APB registry

The¬†digital ABP Registry facilitates traceability of animal by-products and derived products, by maintaining commercial documents and records in compliance with the requirements of competent authorities (F√łdevarestyrelsen DK) in EU countries

how does the system works


digital documents

Our solution supports the management of digital commercial documents and records for the collection, handling, storage, dispatching, transport and disposal of animal by-products and derived products for research and diagnostic

Complete Digital

Each consignment of animal by-products and derived products can be presented as a digital commercial document containing all the necessary information about the consignment.

easy digital

Commercial documents and records can be accesses through a PC, iPad or iPhone and can also be exported as a PDF file

Digital Traceability System Features

Essential Traceability

The system ensures compliance by tracking the lifecycle of animal by-products, providing a clear and accurate audit trail from origin to disposal

Risk Categorization and Management

The system precisely classifies materials by risk level as mandated by EU regulations, ensuring proper handling and disposal to mitigate health risks

Digital Documentation

The system digitalizes documentation as required by Regulation 142/2011, ensuring accuracy and easy access for inspections and health risk responses

Instantaneous Data Access

The system provides instant data access for swift response to health risks, aligning with EU regulations by making information immediately available